Why choose sts?


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– On going training programs for all our guards


– 24/7 supervision with new vehicles


– administrative and operational support 24/7


 Bilingual management to better serve you


– integration between physical security and electronic SECURITY




Security Guards

Security Guards in Costa Rica. Our security guards have 20-45 years of age, height of 1.65m to 1.85m with excellent physical and mental health. All our security guards go through on going training programs in self defence, customer service, english and first aid and many are bilingual guards.


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Security Supervisors

STS offers 24/7 supervision services in Costa Rica. Our supervisors are assigned locally and not regionally. This entails that each client receive more attention and better security services. All our supervisors are trained within the company and ride new vehicles.


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Security Training

The training of our security guards is one of the most important areas in our company. STS Security provides training to all our security personnel, with an initial 30 hour program in self defence, customer service best practices, first aid with the red cross and on going english classes.

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Control Center

STS Security Control Center in Costa Rica. STS operates a 24/7 Control Center. The Center is in charge of providing support to all our clients, physical security, alarm monitoring, surveillance systems and security supervisors in Costa Rica. The Center coordinates STS operations on a daily basis, communications between management, security personnel and technicians.


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Electronic Locks Salto Systems

STS sells and integrates Salto Systems access control and electronic locks systems in Costa Rica. STS is an authorized distributor of access control and electronic locks for Salto Systems. Salto Systems is a world leader in Access Control management systems operating in over 90 countries around the world. Salto Systems electronic locks provide solutions for private home owners, hotels, offices, hospitals, universities and industrial complexes.


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