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Originally the security market was characterized by companies that provided security services, bodyguard, protection of goods in transit, and other physical security services. Others provided electronic security services. But as companies depended mostly on human resources, they had little or no integration between their electronic security systems and its security professionals.


Officers hired often had no previous experience as security professionals and did not have the necessary training to do their jobs properly. The companies suffered from high employee turnover and the staff level satisfaction was very low, hence, attention to the importance of human resource was very poor.

This resulted in customers losing faith in their security guards and eventually categorizing all security companies equally: unprofessional and like all businesses, alike. Contracts were often kept for lack of a better option rather than the quality of service that the company provided. Most companies suffered the same problems.

Seeing the sad reality of the security market, a business group set a goal to create the best security company in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica. With this goal, STS Security brand was incorporated and joined the domestic market: a company with a new vision on how a security company should operate. STS is a company that remains committed to its customers, providing training and professional development for its employees, a company that constantly seeks to innovate and learn about new security tools to improve service and achieve excellence in service.

Over the years, STS has grown and today provides services of physical security, integration of electronic security equipment, alarm systems, security cameras and installation of access control and electronic locks, as well as providing consulting security services nationally.

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