Management Team



director – Mr. Jonathan Glazer

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Jonathan is the founder and director of STS, responsible for strategic planning and daily implementation of the vision and mission of the company. In addition, Jonathan oversees the training programs of the company and is responsible for ensuring the quality of services and products provided to its customers.


manager – mrs. Sonia Carabaca

Sonia is responsible for the daily management of the STS headquarters administration. Her responsibilities include customer service, attention to partners, communication with our suppliers, customer accounts operations and assisting all company employees and their operational needs.


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Edil is in charge of the department supervisors in STS. Some of his functions include selection, recruitment, and training of company officers. He makes daily visits to security posts and maintains direct contact with company customers ensuring quality of service. Edil started as a security officer at STS and was promoted to his current position in the department of supervisors. He graduated from the basic course of security officers and the advanced course of security supervisors.


Technician – mr. Jose Luis

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(Alarms, Security Cameras and Access Control Technician).

Jose Luis is a technician at STS. In charge of the Technical department and coordinating its daily tasks, including the coordination of quotes with customers, installation of electronic security systems, training of technicians and installers, and inventory management of the company. Jose Luis also monitors the quality of service and products. Attending service calls and maintenance of electronic security systems. Jose Luis began his journey in the company as a security officer ascending to the position of assistant technician to later become certified technician.


Control center – mr. Leiner Sanchez

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Leiner is responsible for the control center of the company, provides support to security supervisors, handles the daily coordination of the security posts and the customer care of alarm monitoring and security alarms. He is responsible for emergency care and coordination of the company with public institutions (police, OIJ, Red Cross, Fire Department). Leiner began his journey in STS as a security officer and rose to the position of Control Center.


Supervisor – Mr. Roger Vega

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Roger is a supervisor in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio Area. Roger began his work in the company as a security officer, and graduated from the company supervisors course. His functions include recruitment, training and assistance to the officers and STS customers in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio Area.


Supervisor – Mr. Sergio Perez

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Sergio is a supervisor in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio Area. Sergio began his work in the company as a security officer and graduated successfully from STS supervisors course. Along with other supervisors in the area he is responsible for the recruitment, training and execution of daily security missions in the Quepos and Manuel Antonio Area.


operation assistant / Supervisor – mr. Xavier Gomez

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Xavier is a  supervisor and operations assistant. Xavier has developed his capacities within the company and graduated from the STS supervisors course. He assists and supports STS operations in several important functions, including: creating new security posts, ensuring quality of service in security posts, attending officers and training new officers.



Mr. Vargas is a supervisor at STS. He is a graduate of the STS company supervisors course (80 hours). Mr. Vargas works in the area of Quepos and Jaco and is in charge of supervising the posts of the company. He assists in recruitment, training and quality control services. He also provides customer support and emergency assistance..