Security for the Costa Rican Industry

WE HELP to prevent unnecessary losses, and to improve the visibility and security for your company in Costa Rica


In the industry, the key to good security is the efficient integration of electronic security systems and physical security in conjunction with the operational functions of the company’s employees.

Our private security services for the Costa Rican industry include:

  • Officers trained to control vehicle entry and exit.
  • Supervisors and coordinators for round patrols with electronic markers.
  • Surveillance system with remote access, digital analogue and IP for the perimeter of your business.
  • Perimeter security alarms with infrared sensors, and internal security alarms for warehouse areas and administrative offices.
  • Access control systems for main doors, administrative offices, canteens, cellars supplies, storage warehouses and car parkings.


You, as a manager or owner of a factory or a company in Costa Rica, have the challenge of maintaining the lowest possible level of internal and external loss. Some of the operational problems in matters of security are internal theft, loss of inventory material, company supply loss, and unauthorized entry to restricted areas. such as: supply warehouses, administrative offices, cash registry area, storage of products or machinery areas.

STS offers efficient solutions for all the security challenges of your business. Integrating physical security with electronic security, surveillance cameras, security alarms and modern access control systems. You could enjoy operational peace of mind in matters of security with the guarantee of service that only STS can provide.

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