Glass Doors



SALTO has developped a new range of glass door locks in order to bring a solution for those doors that cannot be wired due to their construction. Available also in wireless version, this solution offers all the advantages of the access control platform developed by SALTO enabling users to control and manage a large number of new applications. Safe, intelligent and innovative, SALTO Systems electronic locks create a virtual network between them (SVN), providing a host of benefits. All this without wiring.


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  • Simple off-line installation.
  • Compatible with SALTO Virtual Network.
  • User on card audit trailing capability for audit trailing via the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN).
  • Available in wireless version for wireless real-time control.
  • Wireless ready version allows you to change from off-line to wireless providing on-line system for real time control with no need to hard wire.
  • Contactless versions compatible with ISO 14.443A, ISO 14.44.3B and covering a wide range of mainstream RFID brands such as Mifare, Mifare plus, Mifare Ultraligh C, DESfire, DESfire EV1, Legic, HID iClass and Inside Picopass, SKIDATA; allowing multiaplication with third part systems using one card.
  • All communications between the carrier (card, phone) and the electronic lock are secured and encrypted for a higher level of security.
  • The lock can always be opened from the inside (a single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock).
  • Low battery power indication monitored through the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) as low battery status information is written onto carriers and passed to the software. Readings can also be taken at the lock and passed to the software via PPD connection.
  • Emergency opening by means of portable programming device (PPD).
  • Office mode (free passage) available for leaving doors in free access mode
  • Available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs.
  • Mechanical override with audit trail facility in some models.
  • Firmware upgrade through PPD firmware updater.
  • DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant (depending on handle type).

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