Corporate Profile



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Security services

STS specializes in the planning and implementation of security projects by means of competent, professional and qualified personnel. It is a leading private security company on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, due to the training programs of its employees, the implementation of high quality equipment, comprehensive security services and smart solutions to protect people and property value for its customers.

We are one of the first companies in Costa Rica that provide a full integration of Physical Security Professionals, alarm monitoring and Armed Response Service. STS operates in Jaco, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Herradura, Hermosa and Esterillos. We combine physical security with high-tech solutions, adjusting to the unique needs of our clients, while maintaining reasonable prices and avoiding unnecessary expenses. We conduct constant organized training for our officers and supervisors. Our patrol is available at all times to give full support to our security posts and in case of emergency we respond immediately.


corporate values
  • Respect – We respect everyone we come in contact with.
  • Integrity – We promise and we deliver, we are honest.
  • Innovation and Development – We seek the continued growth of the company through the growth of our employees.
  • Kindness – We are attentive and polite.


our VISIoN

Be the best security company in Costa Rica with the best security professionals, technicians and administrative operation. Create a work environment that promotes human respect, and the personal and professional development of our employees. Transmit our excellence to the market, attracting customers and increasing our market share in physical security, electronic security and services while caring about our environment.


our goalS 
  1. Be the #1 security company in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica.
  2. Have all company employees in professional development programs.
  3. Actively participate in programs of environmental care.


The MISsioN

Protecting our customers by offering efficient security solutions, resolving security issues, creating decent and healthy environment to carry out their daily activities, whether business or personal. Succeeding through our belief: professionalism, integrity and kindness are part of our corporate culture.


our CREeD

STS is a company that takes genuinely its commitment to its customers, our most important mission is to provide security. Our management, supervisors, security officers and technicians are committed to providing the best security service with high attention to detail and well-being of our customers. In STS we create a collaborative experience and growth in all aspects of our business where our customers recognize our quality of service and attention to their needs. All the while, making our employees feel proud of themselves and to be a part our successful team.




“ We are security PROFESSIONALS caring for the LIFE AND PROPERTY OF OUR customerS “



three gold rules


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the rules of conduct at STS
  1. Never losing a client
  2. Creating a team spirit with our partners.
  3. Not compromising the level of our security services.
  4. Always maintaining a positive attitude.
  5. Defending and loving the company.
  6. Always being attentive to the security of our customers and our partners.
  7. Treating everyone involved in our operations with respect.
  8. Being proud of the company and of oneself.
  9. Meeting our commitments.
  10. Communicating our success in a clear and open manner.
  11. Seeking how to improve our operation and being active in the growth of the company.
  12. Caring for the work tools.
  13. Being honest and communicating clearly.
  14. Having courage in your work.