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Private Security Company in Costa Rica

  • Trained security guards with 30 hours training.
  • New vehicles Toyota Hilux 4X4 and Honda Motorcycles.
  • Full administrative and operational support 24/7.
  • Bilingual managers and administrators.
  • Integration between Electronic Security and Physical Security.
Security Service

We offer highly effective security services in Costa Rica. In STS our approach is to create a solid partnership with our clients based on trust, effective and honest communications and action oriented management. We know this takes time to establish and we encourage our clients to express their feedback on the most immediate basis. For more information or to request a quote please Contact us.

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Security alarm installation and monitoring

Security alarm installation and monitoring services in Costa Rica. STS provides full services of alarm installation, alarm monitoring and motorized response services. The security alarm is connected to our security monitoring center 24/7 and in case of activation we will call you and despatch a motorized supervisor to assist you. For more information or to request a quote please Contact us.

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Surveillance Systems

Installation and monitoring for surveillance systems (CCTV) in Costa Rica. STS provides video surveillance installation services and monitoring services. Clients that have security cameras can contract our 24/7.

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Access Control Systems

STS sells and installs Salto System Access Control Electronic Locks in Costa Rica. We are the authorized distributor for Salto Systems. Salto Systems is a world leader in smart Access Control systems, electronic readers, energy saving devices. Salto operates in 90 countries around the world.

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Security Guards

Security guards in Costa Rica. STS Security Guards have between 25 and 45 years of age. With height between 1.65 and 1.80 meters. Our guards have good physical health. We provide training in customer service, first aid, self defence and weekly english classes.

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Security Guard Training

Security guard training is a very important part of our business. STS provides training to all our guards, with a basic program of 30 hours that covers self defence, customer service, first aid with the red cross, and english classes.

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Servicios de supervision de seguridad en Costa Rica. STS provides supervision services in Santa Ana, Escazu, Herradura, Jaco, Hermosa, Esterillos, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Uvita. 24/7. Our supervisors are dedicated locally, a fact that makes our supervision service exceptional among other security companies. Our supervisors have 80 hours additional training, with leadership training, human resource management, emergency assistance and other important subjects. They are in charge of checking the posts and making sure the guards are trained and alert. They also report to clients on unusual events and communicate with our management and administration staff on a daily basis.

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Security Control Center

Security control center in Costa Rica. STS operates a 24/7 Control Center. The control center is in charge of providing assistance to our security clients, alarm monitoring coordination and response. Control also coordinates between posts, supervisors and management.

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Self defence security equipment

The equipment we use for security depends on the mission. Among other important equipment we use fire arms, handcuffs, radios motorola, police batons and gas guns.

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Private Security Company in Costa Rica

Security in Costa Rica

As a Costa Rican national, resident or visitors you look for tranquility and peace of mind in your personal and professional dealings.

To achieve that, STS offers private security services in Santa and and Escazu, Herradura, Jaco, Playa Hermosa, Esterillos, Quepos, Manuel Antonio, Dominical and Uvita. STS also offers access control systems and installation throughout the country.

The rapid development of homes and residential in Coastal towns caused acceleration in the security market. New homes were built and small business and hotels opened to business, attracting national and international tourism. Unfortunately this development also attracted delinquents  and criminal activity rose.

Private Security Services

The most common private security services in Costa Rica are physical security services (Security Guards and Security Supervisors), armed and non armed guards during day time and night time, specifically in coastal towns for hotels in Jaco, hotels in Playa Hermosa, hotels Quepos hotels in Manuel Antonio and hotels in Dominical. Also many homeowners hire security guards and sign for alarm monitoring services or install security surveillance systems. Business owners usually install alarm systems, camera systems and hire motorized response services in order to protect their properties and control their employees in an efficient way.

Security environment

Crime and Security problems in Cost a Rica at large and in coastal areas specifically (puntarenas, nicoya peninsula and the Caribbean coast)  is being controlled fairly well.  Local governments, public police and municipality police forces, in conjunction with private security companies have been fighting crime and providing a safe environment for tourist and locals. Crime levels have been dropping in the last few years, and there is more cooperation between the security groups involved.

Future of security in Costa Rica

The future of security in San Jose / Santa Ana / Escazu (GAM region) and in Coastal areas such as Puntarenas, Nicoya, Southern Costa Rica and the Caribbean regions is unknown.  A lot depends on strict action against crime that is coordinated and effective. If business owners, large and small, together with home owners invest in security systems, in security guard services, together with important investment from the public sector we can achieve safer communities, safer provinces and reduce risk the day to day life.

Private Security Services

STS Security offers to participate in this important mission, envisioning a safe life in Costa Rica, with eyes looking forward to a safe future for nationals, residents and foreign visitors alike. We invite you to browse our website and learn more about the security services and security products we offer.

In security the best approach is prevention. You can visit us and get consultation as to what security systems and prevention actions to take.  STS is a leader in the security market  in Costa Rica. We provide security services from Santa Ana and Escazu all the way to Uvita in the South and Playa Flamingo in the north of Costa Rica. With private security guards, alarm systems, camera systems and access control systems. Thank you for your business!

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